Big Picture Science – DIY Spaceflight

by Gary Niederhoff on January 30, 2017

Big Picture Science – DIY Spaceflight

For a half-century, space has been the playground of large, government agencies. While everyone could dream of becoming an astronaut, few could actually do so.

Things have changed. We hear how a geeky son of immigrant parents incentivized the ground-breaking launch of SpaceShipOne, and spawned the commercial rocket industry.

And while you’re waiting for a ticket to ride, why not build your own satellite to keep tabs on the kids or just check out the back forty? A CubeSat could be your next basement project.

And the hitherto untold story of how black women mathematicians a half-century ago helped get a man into orbit, and astronauts to the moon.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Julian Guthrie / Private Spaceflight
Part 2: SpaceCom Expo
Part 3: Pete Worden / Cube Sats
Part 4: Margot Lee Shetterly / Hidden Figures

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