Big Picture Science – Born Legacy: SOFIA Science

by Gary Niederhoff on March 20, 2017

Emma on SOFIA
Our intrepid reporter Emma Bentley stands near the telescope aboard SOFIA
Born Legacy – SOFIA’s Mission
click to listen (TRT 3:54)

Click above to listen to part 3 of Born Legacy, featuring Huub Rottgering, director of Leiden Observatory in The Netherlands, Dietmar Lilienthal, manager of the DLR SOFIA Institute in Germany, and Cornelia Pabst, astronomer at the Leiden Observatory in The Netherlands, describing the research into how star forming regions produce stars, how ionized carbon (known as C+) keeps nebulae cool enough to produce multiple stars, and how that C+ is mapped to learn more about star formation.

You can hear the entire segment of Emma’s SOFIA adventure here.

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