Big Picture Science – Gene-y in a Bottle

by Gary Niederhoff on June 5, 2017

Big Picture Science – Gene-y in a Bottle
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You can’t pick your parents. But soon you may be able to change the DNA they gave you. CRISPR technology is poised to take DNA editing to new levels of precision and speed. Imagine deleting genes from your body that you don’t like and inserting the ones you want. The swap might not even require a fancy lab. Biohackers are already tinkering with genes in their homes.

Find out how CRISPR technology might change everything when the genetic lottery is no longer destiny.

Plus, a cardiologist identifies the troublesome genes that once gave us evolutionary advantages but today are fueling obesity, depression and other modern illness.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Lee Goldman / Genetic Burden
Part 2: Jacob Corn / CRISPR
Part 3: Josiah Zayner / Bio-hacking

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