Big Picture Science – Science Fiction

by Gary Niederhoff on June 12, 2017

Big Picture Science – Science Fiction

No one knows what the future will bring, but science fiction authors are willing to take a stab at imagining it. We take our own stab at imagining them imagining it. Find out why the genre of science fiction is more than a trippy ride through a bizarre, hi-tech world, but a way to assess and vote on our possible shared future.

Also, an astronomer learns how many rejection slips it takes before becoming a published science fiction author … what author Bruce Sterling wants to get off his chest … and what the joke about the neutron walking into a bar to ask the price of beer has in common with H.G. Wells, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Ridley Scott.

Oh, and the price of beer? Bartender: “For you, no charge.”

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Ed Finn / Value of SciFi
Part 2: Andrew Fraknoi / Writing SciFi
Part 3: Bruce Sterling / Elements of SciFi
Part 4: Brian Malow / Science Comedy

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