Big Picture Science – Sex Post Facto

by Gary Niederhoff on October 23, 2017

Big Picture Science – Sex Post Facto

Birds do it, bees do it, but humans may not do it for much longer. At least not for having children. Relying on sex to reproduce could be supplanted by making babies in the lab, where parents-to-be can select genomes that will ensure ideal physical and behavioral traits.

Men hoping to be fathers should act sooner rather than later. These same advancements in biotechnology could allow women to fertilize their own eggs, making the need for male sperm obsolete.

Meanwhile, some animals already reproduce asexually. Find out how female African bees can opt to shut out male bees intent on expanding the hive.

Will engineering our offspring have a down side? Sex creates vital genetic diversity, as demonstrated by evolution of wild animals in urban areas. Find out how birds, rodents and insects use sex in the city to adapt and thrive.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Menno Schilthuizen / Sex in the City
Part 2: Matthew Webster / Asexual Bees(exual)
Part 3: Hank Greely / The End of Sex
Part 4: Hank Greely / Easy PGD

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