Big Picture Science – DIY Diagnosis

by Gary Niederhoff on December 25, 2017

Big Picture Science – DIY Diagnosis

ENCORE Got aches and pains? Critters in the Cretaceous would have been sympathetic. A new study reveals that painful arthritis plagued a duck-billed dinosaur. Scientists impressively diagnosed the animal’s condition without a house call by examining its 70 million-year old bones.

The technology we use for health diagnoses are becoming so sophisticated, some people are prompted to bypass doctors and do it themselves. Meet a man who had his genome sequenced and then had all 70 gigabytes delivered directly to him so that he could gauge his genetic health.

Also, practitioners who are trying to improve cognitive function using a battery and a few wires. Find out the possible risks and benefits of DIY brain stimulation.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Jennifer Anne / Dinosaur Doctor
Part 2: Carl Zimmer / Genome Sequenced
Part 3: Peter Simpson-Young / Brain Stimulation
Part 4: Anna Wexler / TDCS Risks

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