Big Picture Science – Political Scientist: Michael Mann / Activist Scientist

by Gary Niederhoff on April 16, 2018

Big Picture Science – Activist Scientist
click to listen (TRT 13:24)

Click above to listen to part 3 of Skeptic Check: Political Scientist, featuring Michael Mann, professor of atmospheric science, and Director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University, describing what’s driven him, somewhat reluctantly, into the political domain.

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avatar Richard April 16, 2018 at 4:49 pm

How dare Michael Mann of “hockey stick” fame use “Climate Change” and Evolution in the same breath, as if to say that “Climate Change” is a theory, well defined and proven as Evolution is. This is the kind of linguistic sleight of tongue confidence tricksters use, dropping names or facts to con people into believing their own dubious claims.
Climate “scientists” alone in the science community demand taxes to be imposed on the world community essentially to enrich their coffers. By stating that he has a 10 year old daughter and cares for her future, he is essentially implying that anyone who is sceptical about his claims does not care about their children or their children’s future. Is his advocacy all that altruistic? What about the (very remote) possibility that Mann maybe advocating “Climate Change” for his own personal gain and funding?

avatar Richard April 16, 2018 at 5:16 pm

Again the linguistic sleights of tongue: Clean air – we do not want pollutants in the air, Michael Mann CO2 is unclean, chlorofluorocarbons are harmful to life, Mann – CO2 is harmful to life, etc etc. “…as long as they are willing to accept what the science has to say….” looks like what science has to say is manipulated at times. Does the science say we have to tax people because of “climate change”?

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