Big Picture Science – Your Brain’s Reins

by Gary Niederhoff on May 21, 2018

Big Picture Science – Your Brain’s Reins

You are your brain. But what happens when your brain changes for the worse – either by physical injury or experience? Are you still responsible for your actions?

We hear how the case of a New York man charged with murder was one of the first to introduce neuroscience as evidence in court. Plus, how technology hooks us – a young man so addicted to video games, he lacked social skills, or even a desire to eat. Find out how technology designers conspire against his digital detox.

Also, even if your brain is intact and your only task is choosing a sock color, are you really in control? How your unconscious directs even mundane behavior … and how you can outwit it.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Kevin Davis / NeuroLaw
Part 2: Hilarie Cash / Internet Addiction
Part 3: Adam Alter / Addictive Devices
Part 4: Peter Vishton / Brain Master

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