Big Picture Science – Wonder Women

by Gary Niederhoff on October 1, 2018

Big Picture Science – Wonder Women

We’re hearing about harassment of, and barriers to, women seeking careers in politics and entertainment. But what about science? Science is supposed to be uniquely merit-based and objective. And yet the data say otherwise. A new study reveals widespread harassment of women of color in space science.

We look at the role that a hostile work environment plays in keeping women from pursuing scientific careers. While more women than ever are holding jobs in science, the percentage in tech and computer science has flattened out or even dropped. A memo from a software engineer at an Internet giant claims it’s because female brains aren’t suited for tech. Find out what the science says.

Plus, women staring down discrimination. One woman’s reaction to her guidance counselor’s suggestion that she skip calculus and have babies. And SACNAS, the organization changing the face of science for Latina and Native American women.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Jill Tarter / Standout Student
Part 2: Angela Saini / Inferior Memo
Part 3: Kathryn Clancy / Hostile Environment
Part 4: Antonia Franco / SACNAS

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