Big Picture Science – Yule Like This

by Gary Niederhoff on December 17, 2018

Big Picture Science – Yule Like This
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Fir tree needles embedded in carpet are a holiday headache. Why not decorate a genetically-modified, needle-retaining tree instead? It’s just another way that science is relevant to the holidays. We have more.

How about science experiments on fruitcake? There’s a competition that includes launching it with a pneumatic device, running a heavy electric current though it, or blasting it with a blowtorch. Meanwhile, physics provides insight into those tricky how-does-he-do-it questions about Santa’s delivery rounds.

Finally, step away from the relatives and consider the implications of the winter solstice.

Enjoy a better holiday through science!

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Jenna Gallas / Fruitcake Toss
Part 2: Laura Kramer / Fruitcake Science
Part 3: Lilian Matallana / GMO Xmas Tree
Part 4: Ben Orlin / Loaded Dreidels
Part 5: Ethan Siegel / Santa Physics
Part 6: Andrew Fraknoi / Winter Solstice

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avatar Richard Brittain December 22, 2018 at 3:38 pm

Hi – I love the show, mostly, but I’m also a big fan of fruitcake and I thought the segment making fun of fruitcakes was a bit over the top. GOOD fruitcake is wonderful, but I think that many people have never had the opportunity to experience it.

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