Big Picture Science – Keeping Humans in the Loop

by Gary Niederhoff on February 12, 2019

Big Picture Science – Keeping Humans in the Loop

Modern technology is great, but could we be losing control? As our world becomes more crowded and demands for resources are greater, some people worry about humanity’s uncertain prospects. An eminent cosmologist considers globe-altering developments such as climate change and artificial intelligence. Will we be able to stave off serious threats to our future?

There’s also another possible source of danger: our trendy digital aids. We seem all-too-willing to let algorithms classify and define our wants, our needs, and our behavior. Instead of using technology, are we being used by it – to inadvertently become social media’s product?

And while we may be skittish about the increased data our technology collects, one sci-fi writer imagines a future in which information is a pervasive and freely available commodity.

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Martin Rees / Technical Optimism
Part 2: Douglas Rushkoff / Team Human
Part 3: Malka Older / Democratic Information

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