Big Picture Science – Headed For Trouble

by Gary Niederhoff on September 30, 2019

Big Picture Science – Headed For Trouble

The stone heads on Easter Island are an enduring mystery: why were they built and why were they abandoned and destroyed? The old ideas about cultural collapse are yielding to new ones based on careful investigation on the ground – but also from above. What surprising explanations have we found, and are we off base to think that ancient societies such as the Easter Islanders or the classical Egyptians were, in the end, failures? Can what we learn from these histories help predict which societies will survive?

Listen to individual segments here:
Part 1: Seth Goes to Easter Island
Part 2: Sarah Parcak / Space Archaeology
Part 3: Carl Lipo / No Such Collapse

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avatar Richard October 14, 2019 at 2:40 am

So there goes another “the science is settled” explanation. It seems that humans are inclined to blame the decline of societies or the extinction of species, such as the Dinosaurs, on ecological devastation caused by the societies or species. The popular theory about the decline and eventual extinction of Dinosaurs before Chicxulub was that the dinosaurs ate themselves into extinction. Self flagellation and atonement for “sin” are embedded deeply in the psyche of many humans. Thus originated the religion of Climate change.
One of the basic concepts of science is that the “Null Hypothesis”, or the position that something happens as a result of chance rather than the cause postulated in a hypothesis, is the default position. That there is a correlation of the phenomenon to the alleged agent of cause has to be proven by the people postulating their hypothesis, both evidentially and logically. Climate change is a vague theory that conflates many things like plastic and other pollution, unhealthy dietary habits etc with their theory and comes up with catastrophic predictions of the extinction of humanity because of a few degrees of warming. It ignores the fact that climate has varied far more in our past history than at present, and that humans and their ancestors survived them without the help of modern technology. It ignores the fact that we have put off and may have averted an ice age, which would certainly wipe out Europe and North America. Or that warming is on the whole beneficial for life on Earth and cooling is detrimental. It serves as a convenient explanation for the unscientific and poorly educated masses for everything bad that ever occurs on the planet. It is the Universal Cause, replacing the Universal Cause of the old gods.

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